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the details

Fill out the submission form.
Provide as much detail as you can, regarding group size, location type, ie Urban, Nature, mix, etc. Please also let me know how long of a session you are interested in,  and your preferred way to communicate.  You can book directly on this site or we can set up your session via email/text or phone.

Prep for your photo session.
After booking, let's talk about your session.  What colors are you inspired by for this shoot? Or do you need assistance in a clothing color palette and wardrobe choices?  I can help with that to bring a cohesive and lively feel to your images.

Session Day.
Just show up, and let me do the rest!  You should feel relaxed as we move through your session.  If you have family and small ones in the session, we can work through any chaos that arises.  I love photographing movement and true to life moments...we will embrace it!

Delivered Gallery Online.
Once the gallery has been hand edited, I will provide you with an online gallery link to take you to your images! Depending on the gallery package you selected, you will be able to favorite and download those images immediately.  In addition, the ProLab that I use, provides quality professional calibrated images to you of which you can purchase products for immediate delivery to your home.  


the questions

What should we wear?

After booking, and before your session, we will go over a clothing color palette with some ideas that would work best with the season, location etc. so that you will look and feel your best!

What if I need to reschedule?

Often rescheduling is needed due to weather here in Colorado, however sometimes the weather makes for the most dramatic skies and snow covered landscape! If you are game, I am, unless we've got little ones that can't tolerate the severe temps.  I will work with you to find a new date, and I will watch the weather leading up to your session. 

Why is Sunrise and Sunset appointments the best for my session?

Known as the golden hours, these times of day produce the most beautiful light, and for that reason a preferred photo session time. Please let me know if this is absolutely an impossible time for you, we can work together to find a suitable time.

When will I receive my photo gallery?

My turnaround time is guaranteed 2 weeks, however, usually within a few days to a week, unless I am out of the office for vacation, etc.  






up to 1 hour
one location
10-15  edited images

option to purchase more
online gallery

print release

wardrobe & location



up to 2 hours

two locations

25-30 edited images included


option to purchase more

online gallery


print release


wardrobe & location guidance






up to 30minutes

one location

5 edited images



option to purchase more

online gallery


print release


wardrobe & Location guidance



packages can be customized, just let me know!

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Let's Chat!

Thanks for submitting!

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